5k drop out

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Racing

I dropped out of my first race today. Not because of me, rather it was because of my partner that day. At the start of the race I had to get in the back of the pack because I had a stroller (course was stroller freindly). At the start things were frustrating for me because I was behind the slow runners. Not long after a few hard passes I made my way up front. First mile was about a 6:30 the second was a 5:30. Then things went bad. My daughters pacifer came out and she gave hell. I couldn’t calm her down so I had to stop. At that point I was about 10th out of 200 (there was a switchback in the course so the leaders faced everyone in the opposite direction so I knew what position I was).

My wife ran too so we waited for her. She somehow found the pacifer, thank God. In the meantime my daughter waved at every runner. Everyone loved that. After the race I went on a five mile loop on some big hills near lake Travis. Great views but it was super hot by the time I went.

Here are some pics if the park the race was at. There were a ton of really old trees which gave tons of shade.


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