Barefoot running

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Barefoot

My slight heel pain that I had earlier in the week seemed to go away. As soon as I felt some pain after runnning in my normal shoes I ditched them and ran complelty barefoot the next day. And let me tell you that did the trick. I felt great during the run and afterwards.

In the past I have been reluctant to include barefoot runs because I had some bad experiences before. Last time I went barefoot on a gravel trail my dog saw a squirell and he pulled like crazy, causing me to make friction with my feet resulting in blisters. Before then I would also get splinters from running in grass, not that big of a deal but still a reason to put shoes on.

Well this time I went just on pavement and roads with the dog an had no problem what so ever. I told myself to take it easy but my mile times were actually faster than average. I noticed my strides were a lit shorter but faster too.

I think I’ll start incorporating my barefoot runs in the future when I want to do a short run and it’s on pavement. It’s a great way to remind my muscles the correct form. Like with anything new I’m going to take it easy and very slow at first. I hadn’t done anything over 2 miles without shoes yet. I know I can do more because my leg muscles are strong enough from wearing my vibrams but still I would rather take it slow. The only thing about barefoot running is that you have to be sure to wash your feet afterwords.


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