Lake hills & deer

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Training

This past weekend I took my long run around Lake Travis on a course that was part road and part trail. For running on slight hills every day the extreme hills around the lake seemed like it tacked on another 2 miles to my run. I left around 7pm for the run so I had about an hour to make the most of my run before dark hit. I ended up running almost 7 miles and could have done more if I didn’t have to stop for deer/flys. For whatever reason I ran through huge swarms of nats (little fly thingys). As soon as I hit them they would just stick to my sweat and die since I wasn’t wearing a shirt. There was literally hundreds on my body so I kept having to wipe them off with my hand.

The best part of running at dusk besides the cool weather is seeing deer come out in that area. I encountered about ten deer off the road and they didn’t even bother to run away. I think I got about 20 yards away from them so I took a few pictures with my phone. If the iphone had a decent zoom I could have got some great shots. Here are a few.


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