Another new running goal, the beer mile.

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Racing

I don’t know why I just found about  the beer mile website I’ve always heard of people doing the beer mile, but I thought it was just really for guys to haze each other in college in hopes of making someone will puke.

For those who don’t know what the beer mile is, it’s pretty simple. You go to a track and before you start a mile run you chug a beer. Then you drink a beer before you start every lap for a total of four beers.

Well after looking at the site I think I can easily beat some of the records on there, espically the Texas state record. Although after reading what others said a super fast miler doesn’t nessarily mean they’ll have a good time and a experience drinker won’t have a good time either. It takes a combination of the two.

I think if there was anytime in my life where I would be good for the beer mile it would be now. In high school I could easily do four minute miles. However I didn’t drink much and certainly wouldn’t  be able to do four beers so quick without puking (a lap penality according to the rules). However in college I could easily chug four beers but I wasn’t in shape enough to do a mile as fast, simply because I drank too much beer & didn’t run as much.

Well now I’m in excellent running shape and im also a experienced drinker. If there was any time to do it it would be now. The only problem I think I’ll have is trying to chug a beer while being out of breath, something I never done before.

Calculating my beer mile is a little bit tricky. Right now the official tx record is around 6 minutes. That’s pretty fast considering the time it takes to drink 4 beers is atleast a minute for the avg person (15 seconds a beer). So I’ll have to add atleast a minute to my mile time. Right now I’m avg mid 5 minutes. If I can somehow lower that I’ll have a chance to break a few records. I would prefer a light beer but the standard rules call for beers over 5%.

Another small problem is finding someone to drive me home from the track because I know the wife won’t approve this and I’ll have too much of a buzz to drive.


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