My review of the Spibelt

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Gear

I love to take my iPhone with me on every run because it not only tracks my run, but it allows my family to reach me if they need me immediately. After all I leave two little kids and a wife at home every time I go out for a run. Since I’m running with something a few inches wide and weighs a few ounces for long periods of time I want something to help me carry it. My usual routine is to place my phone in a Ziploc bag and just hold it the whole time. When I do this I notice I check my phone a lot because it is right there in my hands and also check it out of pure boredom if I’m on a long run. This habit puts a big strain on the already small battery life of the iphone. For most people the solution is to use a armband, but I’ve done that and just find them annoying because I’m always adjusting it and psychologically I think it just slows me down.

So after scrolling through some runkeeper forums I found out what maybe the answer to my problems, the spibelt. From what other iPhone users who hate armbands have said, using a belt is a great way to go. It gives you the freedom of both arms. My local run store in Austin had a few of the belts in store so I tried them out. Surprisingly a iPhone with a case fits into it with no problem because the material it is made with expands. Another surprising element to it is the band that holds it together is very small. You can practically hide the fact that your wearing a fanny pack by wearing it under your shirt if you wanted. Anyways after putting it on I was sold so I went home and ordered one online at since the store didn’t have the model I wanted.

The model I chose was the water resistant one because I intend on using it for very long sweaty runs. If there was a choice I would have picked out a water resistant reflective belt for long night runs. With each belt you order you have the option of having their logo on the band, something I opted out of.

After a few miles running with the belt I can honestly say there is no bounce when you have it facing forward. The beauty of the spibelt is that it forms around the phone and lays snug to your body. If you place it behind you, you do experience a little bit of a bounce but not much. This simply due to the fact that your butt muscles lower and rise in a running stride even if you don’t have a big ass.

A minor problem I have with the belt is that it can be difficult to get items in and out while on the run. The water resistant material is very sticky to a iphone case. I imagine if I didn’t have a plastic case on the phone it wouldn’t stick as bad, but it still would be tricky to put it in. Although I can’t complain about this because I shouldn’t be checking my phone or messing with items inside the belt while running. But if you get a call on the run good luck on answering it in less than two rings.

Another minor problem I had was ordering the belt online. They promise free 7 day ground shipping. I ordered at 3pm on a Wednesday and didn’t get it until a week later on a Thursday. It did get to my house in the promised 7 days but what I find bizzare is that I live literally miles away from were it was sent and made. I mean I live so close I could run there in less than an hour and it still took a week to get to my house so I can imagine it would have to take at least as long to have it delievered anywhere else.

All in all I am pleased with the product. If I were to design a belt to carry a small amount of items or a phone on a run, this would be it. From now on I’m going use it to hold my phone and I’ll use my shorts to carry my key and gels. The only modification I might make is to put a reflective strip on it, that’s about it.


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