Dog tired.

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Training

My weekly mileage for the past week has been average even though I didn’t go for a long run. I’ve been breaking my runs up by taking them in the mornings and at night. Last Thursday I wanted to do a quick three miler with the dog to see what kind of 5k shape I’m in, but my dog wasn’t up to speed. I never do any type of speed work with him and I can tell he wasn’t sure how to pace himself. On the third mile he started to lag behind so I dropped my pace and we jogged the last mile. Of course at the very end of the run he sees a cat and he magically gets a ton of energy back to pull me the rest of the way.

So after that fast run I decided he needed some rest. After all dogs can’t put up the same type of mileage in the summer as humans do. My next run I took was just a few miles alone and it was the first time with my spibelt. This meant I had both my hands free to run. Lets just say it felt extremely weird to run with nothing in my hands. I literally ran for years with either a water bottle, phone or dog leash in my hands.

Going into the weekend I noticed my inside ankle on one foot was a little sore. Since I made my weekly mileage and my dog needed the rest I walked the rest of the weekend. Needless to say after some time off the problem went away. Most of my foot pain goes away after four minutes of running. By the second mile I get into a good rhythm and I’m usually ready for anything.

P.S. NPR has a good story today about the evolution of humans in regards to running.


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