Posted: August 4, 2010 in Nutrition

Months ago after my second child was born I started my weekly high mileage again. I was running a lot before but stopped taking long runs when my wife became pregnant because I didn’t want to be away from the house long. After all you don’t want to leave a moody pregnant woman with a young toddler alone for long. One thing that I noticed since I increased my training is that I have a lot more energy now. Before I would drag ass in the mornings because I would have interrupted sleep.

Now I still have a ton of interrupted sleep due to kids, but I never seem to drag out of bed or have that mid afternoon slump anymore. Matter of fact I can go to sleep faster than ever before and wake up with the strength to do the same day all over again. I’m almost certain there are two things that given me more energy. One is the fact that I’m running a lot more and that includes incorporating night runs into my schedule. Before I would just do runs in the morning. The other is that I get no daily dose of caffeine what so ever (I hate coffee). Its been months since I completely cut off sodas cold turkey. I’m talking about anything in a can, you name it (besides beer). The day my son was born I told myself that will be that last day I’ll ever have a coke, diet coke or anything with carbonated sugar. I picked that day because I knew I would remember the last time I would have a soda. The only bit of caffeine I get now is Tea and I do that with careful moderation, only drinking it at special dinners on the weekends.

I believe sodas are extremely addicting and that diet drinks are even more addicting. The fact that many diet drinks have no calories gives people the confidence that its ok to drink them. However there is little evidence that drinking a diet soda gives you any health benefits. People usually just drink them because it taste better than water. Then over time you see them get addicted to it. I can’t stand the feeling of having a addiction to anything. I have a fear of coffee just as much as any illegal drug you can name. You never hear of a coffee drinker who says they only have one cup a week. It’s either all or nothing.

There has been a few alarming studies done on the effects of caffeine recently. A British study has concluded that coffee drinkers get no real perk from coffee. Rather they just maintain their alertness/energy with coffee. When they don’t get their daily dose the brain gets ticked off and the body goes into a slump. They recommend either stay on coffee or completely cut it off if you don’t want to feel a slump. Another study, which I can’t find online right now, is even more alarming because the conclusion was the same. What made it more alarming was the population sample was huge and also statistically significant. In addition the longitudinal study was done over a period of 30 years. Its hard to go against science and say, nah caffeine doesn’t effect my energy because it does.

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