Running Lady Bird Lake

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Racing

Just got done running around Lady Bird lake, formerly known as Town Lake. The lake is a great spot to run if you love to people watch and like to run on a flat course. The whole trail is mostly crushed gravel. The most popular spot to run is right in front of downtown near all the bridges including the congress avenue bridge where all the bats are. Towards the end of the trail is the least popular area because it is in East Austin where there isn’t much there besides houses and apartments. This is also where the trail is really soft and the gravel has bigger rocks. Something not that great if your running in Vibrams. On my run there I passed up at least 5 bums. One of which was shouting obscenities to himself for no apparent reason. Something not that unusual really for this part of town.

I felt absolutely great at the end of my run today. In the middle of the run I tried out a new gel to see if my stomach like it. It wasn’t too bad actually. I think I might eat gels more often since I never used them before. The only problem I had with my run was the strap on top of my vibrams. I guess I had them on too tight or something, but I started to develop a blister on the top of my feet (see pic below). Its funny how dirty your feet get running on gravel.


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