Major setback.

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Training

My long run that I went on over the weekend was pretty fun. I ran 8 miles into town and then ran 8 miles uphill the way back. When I got to downtown and refueled I felt great simply because the run the whole way there was downhill. Plus I was only half way done. The way back however was a bitch. The route I took was a lot of pavement and by mile 15 my feet have had it. I could tell they were going to be sore the next day. At this point in the run I started taking walking breaks because the pain started to become severe. However stamina wise I was doing pretty good. I ate two gels and drank plenty so I felt as if I could run another ten miles if my feet would allow me.

Afterwards I took a ice bath and it felt great. I was so hot that I completely melted the ice by the time I got out. Just hours later I went to the lake with a small crew and went swimming for about an hour. I was certain I was going to be sore the next day but to my surprise the only thing that was sore was my feet. Sure enough I had that same extreme heel pain that I feared came back in my right foot. I’m pretty certain its Plantar fasciitis because of the area it is at and the pain I have when walking. Although I don’t think I have it as bad as I have had it in the past since I don’t wake up with the pain, it just gets worse throughout the day when pressure is applied.

The pain I have is about a 5 out of 10 scale when walking. I have a strong feeling this will take weeks to recover from. The day after I ran I would rate the pain at a 8. At least it doesn’t hurt as bad now but I certainly won’t be going on a run anytime soon. I’m kind of bummed about not exercising, but more bummed that my dog can’t go on a run anytime soon unless my wife takes him. When he doesn’t get his exercise you can see his frustration and he’ll act out at times. For now all I can do is go on a walk at night and in the mornings.


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