Posted: August 26, 2010 in Injuries

The pain in my foot has gone down considerably. On the 10 pain scale its about a 3. This is a improvement that I thought would take forever. Last night I jogged a half a mile very slow and to my surprise my foot didn’t hurt at all afterwards. This leads me to believe that I had some sort of stress fracture to my foot instead of PF. Since I have a different foot strike this is pretty consistent to other common injuries from what I read. Plus the pain is way more apparent on the side of my foot than anywhere else. It only feels bad when I have constant pressure on it instead of in the mornings like PF usually does.

All in all taking this week off is a good thing for my body. Usually I wait until the holidays to lay off the gas but doing it now gives my body extra time to recover. Next week I’m just going to start things off real slowly again. Its been a bummer going on short walks when all I want to do is get out there for a long run.


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