Back in black.

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Injuries, Training

My foot is completely fine now. After taking it slow for almost a week I have no more pain after being on my feet for a while. My first real run that I went on since my injury just happened to be a buzz run. I spent the day at the in laws, had a few beers and my wife drove me back to the house. When I got back my dog was going insane because he spent all day inside so I decided to take him on a run. I ended up going on a slow 3 mile jog, but it felt like I ran a half marathon. For some reason things just went by really really slow for me. I don’t recommend running anything more than a few miles with a buzz on due to hydration issues. I didn’t have any problems but I could definitely see myself getting dehydrated if I ran more. The biggest clue I have when I know I need water is watching my sweat and seeing sun spots even at night. For some reason my biggest indicator for me is how much I sweat. When your a few miles in on a hot day and stop sweating and you start to feel a slight chill, then you got problems.

As for now my weekly mileage isn’t going to be anywhere near what I was two weeks ago. I’m slowly going to build up again and in the future take my long runs on a variety of terrains to prevent any type of injury.


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