The bad luck continues…

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Injuries, Training

After recovering from a head cold I ended up getting a killer stomach bug from my son who is only 6 months old. Turns out this little fella gave it to the whole family. We all went down like flies for 24 hours each. I was the last to get it and it zapped me with any bit of energy I had for 24 hours simply because I couldn’t hold down a meal. Ended up losing 6-8 lbs during the ordeal. I’m just glad it happened to me on the weekend and not the week day. I wanted to go for some type of run but all I could do was just lay around all day. Felt pretty worthless.

With that setback added to my cold that I had before, this past week ended up being the lowest weekly mileage I had in over two years. This includes weeks were I had injuries that kept me from running.

In other news this weekend I plan on running the monthly 5k in Georgetown. I only have about 4 days to get back in shape to run a decent time. I know that is not enough but I have no choice. At least this time I’ll get to complete the run because I won’t be pushing a crying toddler.


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