Speed work

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Training

Man I hate speed work. I like the thrill of competition, even if it’s against a clock, but I hate running fast just to get into speed shape. The only type of speed workouts that I get is if I run a 5k race or if I’m pressed for time and I want to get a lot of miles in quick.

This past weekend I was ready to run in a local 5k race but it was cancelled due to a tropical storm that swept through the area days before. Instead of running I ended up chopping wood and riding four wheelers (a workout in itself). I have the annual dog 5k race in a few weeks so I’m ditching the high mile runs for now in favor for some quick miles. I think I need to worry about myself being in speed shape more than my dog. I noticed he has way more energy than I do on runs less than five miles, especially if he sees a cat at the end of the run.

I just got back from a quick paced mile that I ran with the dog at night. Even though I time myself it is still tricky finding out what my mile time would be because the dog stopped three times to take a leak. Lately the only time I have for a run is a night. I have less time in the mornings because the traffic picked up a ton due to school being back in. I prefer to run in the mornings because you can see the ground better and the stomach has less in it. I’m never totally full, cramped or bloated if I run in the mornings compared to later on in the day. For now it’s the only option I have.


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