Posted: September 22, 2010 in Racing, Training

Since I’ve been incorporating more speed runs into my training I’ve been sore for the first time in months. My body has no problem now from recovering from a 10 miler but if I sprint a mile then I can feel it the next day. The hardest part about faster runs is getting my dog used to the speed. He generally runs a little ahead of me and to the side. When we come to a intersection/corner he always slows down a bit and then looks for the direction I’m going to go to go the right way, then he’ll speed up again. There is however is a problem when I’m going fast because he can’t slow down. What happens is there is a lot of bumping between me and him when we are sprinting because he can’t figure out which way I’m going. This is something he is still getting used to. I just need to run faster with him more often.

I’ve only raced competitively with him one time so I wasn’t sure how it would go. I took the safe route by staying behind a few elite runners during the race and having a strong kick at the end. Being a dog and running with a lot of people his natural instinct was to stay with the group. As I ran away from everyone his excitement level dropped down and he stopped tugging on the leash as hard and the tail didn’t wag as much. He is just like the rest of us at the start of a race, he’ll get that adreline going to only have it wear off after a mile.

This upcoming race I’m going to change my strategy up a little bit. Last time I ran behind what I thought was the elite runners with dogs, ran a little conservatively and then finished strong. Well this time I’m going to just go after the elite runners without dogs and stay with them as long as I can. Then at the end of the race if I see anyone with a dog ahead of me I’ll pick them off slowly. My goal is to run faster than a 19:00. Right now he is most comfrotable running 6:20 miles without lagging behind. All that I have to do is just shave a few seconds off each mile and we should be in good shape.


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