String of bad luck.

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Training

I had a good running streak going for about 12 weeks and then due to slight injury, time and a whole bunch of other excuses called life, the past 6 weeks my weekly mileage went to crap. This weekend while cleaning the house I dropped a heavy children’s toy on top of my foot, good enough to bruise the crap out of it and make it sore to the touch. Well that healed fine by Monday but on of my children got sick so I never had the chance to run again till today (Tuesday). My natural reaction if I’m home with just one kid is to stick them into a jogging stroller and go out for a long run. However that would be a little selfish of me to ask a sick kid to sit still for 30 minutes or so. Even if it wasn’t my wife would be after my ass for doing it.

Even though I’m in the clear to run again my weekend plans are now in jeopardy. I’m having a scheduled surgery for a vasectomy and by doctors orders I’m told to stay away from exercise for at least 3 days minimum. I doubt I’ll have a fast 5k time in a few weeks but there is still time.


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