More rest.

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Training

It’s been six days since I’ve been on a run of any kind. This is now the longest I have gone on a run since I’ve recorded my runs two years ago. I should be able to go on a slow jog soon once the doctor give me an all clear. Physically I feel fine, but I feel really bloated since my diet has gone to hell.

This past weekend my daughter had her second birthday and had tons of cookies/cupcakes for her party. Well being cheap or greedy, however you want to call it, I decided to eat everything so it wouldn’t go to waste. This means I’ve gained somewhere between four to six pounds in the course of week.

After I visit the doctor Friday I should be able to train again and mentally/physically I should start feeling better. In the mean time all I’ve been doing is walking. It just happens to be the best weather Austin has had in the past year this week and I’m forced to walk instead of run. I guess that’s better than walking in shitty weather.


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