Starting from scratch.

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Training

Just yesterday I started to run for the first time in over ten days. I started slow and ended up with a average pace by the end of the run. I’ve done this three times so far, each time allowing my body naturally to get to a pace it is comfortable with. I have less than two weeks to get back in shape and up to speed for a good 5k time. Right now I don’t feel there is any way I can have a fast time, but it is too soon to tell. My strategy now is to build up mileage first then work on speed. I think I’ll do at least one quick 5k to see where I’m at soon.

Funny thing is last week without being able to run at all, I still managed have a decent weekly mileage (ten miles). Every day I would walk a half a mile in the morning and at night with the dog and then do a mile or so on lunch breaks. If I didn’t walk at all I would be in pretty bad shape right now.


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