5k donkey and doggy dash.

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Racing

I have to say this was the funniest/toughest 5k I raced in a long time. My strategy going into the race kind of paid off. I ended up getting 9th overall and my dog got fourth place. My plan was to run against only other dog owners and also to front-run most of the race.

At the start a guy with a full blood heeler took off like a mad man. He was with the top runners the whole way so I focused on being second. My dog was full of energy and pulling strong until about mile two. That’s when a guy with a bird dog was gaining on us. While running my dog literally jumped at the bird dog to sniff its butt and it freaked both the other guy and his dog out a bit (I think my dog was pissed at getting passed).

We held onto third place for the rest of mile two but there was a woman who had a freaking greyhound with her trailing us about ten yards the whole way. She was pacing off of me the whole time and meanwhile my dog kept looking back at them. I wanted to get a good distance between me and her before the final sprint so she would get discouraged to race us, BUT that didn’t happen. My dog was now slowing down and behind me because he wanted to play with this skinny greyhound. He literally kept looking back.

With the finish in sight we turn the final corner for the last 400mm and the woman is now besides me. I tell my dog “lets go, cat!” to get him motivated. This worked for about 100mm as we left them behind, but he went behind me again and the woman passed us up for the final top 3 slot. My time was around 18 flat and the spilts were 5 mins,6 mins and 7 for the final mile (roughly, I forgot to stop my watch).

It was my fastest 5k in ten years and got third in my division. Despite that I feel a little bummed out that my dog didn’t get to place. Not making excuses, I went into this race with only about a week of training because I had to literally had to take off two weeks. I consider my time to be pretty amazing because the lack of training and speed training I did going into the race. I’m not a fan of speed workouts lately so I only sprinted a few times.

I couldn’t be more proud of my dog. The guy doesn’t really get the concept of racing, but that’s ok because he had fun. He just wanted to run fast with everybody in a group and he sort of did that.


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