Found a new dog walker.

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Running

A week ago our kid neighbor, whose about 12, came by and asked my wife if he could take my dog for a walk. He said he was bored and his parents said he could use some exercise. So my wife said sure, handed him the leash and they took off. Half a hour later he comes back, dog seemed a little tired and my wife hands him a $5. He said thanks and then leaves. Minutes later he comes back again and says his parents told him not to except the money. So my wife says just put it in your pocket and don’t tell them. He said thanks again and left.

A few days later I see his mom and she tells me to not pay him because they are trying to teach him to be kind and helpful to neighbors. I said sure and also that if he is every bored again feel free to come by and take him out on a walk again. Sure enough a few days later he shows up again to see if he can talk the dog out. I told him sure and that the dog will go as far and as fast as you’ll go because he runs with me all the time. I just warned him that he’ll pull you for the first few minutes because he gets excited and after that he normally wears out to were he’s easy to handle. So another half hour passes, he comes back, the dog seems tired and the kid tells me I was right about the leash thing. I thank him again and after a quick chat he left.

What I find remarkable about all this is that the kid and his parents realized that he needs to get out of the house and do something. Some parents don’t mind having their kids sit in front of a TV playing video games forever because it means that they are behaving. However it also means that they aren’t getting any exercise. This is one of the many problems that contributes to the American obesity epidemic.

I would love to go out for a run with the kid and the dog sometime, but I think that takes away from the lesson his parents are trying to teach him for now. Maybe after he goes for a few runs or walks with the dog I’ll ask him if he would like to go out for a easy run. I’d love to persuade anyone to run for the love of running instead of exercise. When something physical becomes a love then the notion of exercise doesn’t even apply. That’s when physically you change your life for the better.


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