This damn weather.

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Gear, Running

It took me a while to get use to the cold weather. I think I finally adjusted to it and now I’ve finally stepped up my mileage to where it normally was a month ago. For months all I needed was a pair of shorts to go out for a run. Now I have to guess how much clothing I need to stay warm and I hadn’t been too successful. After a few unbearable runs I think I figured out that I need a long sleeve if it is below 50 degrees, especially if it is windy. Anything warmer than that then I get unnecessarily hot after a mile with long sleeves or pants.

I just received a light rain jacket made for running. It’ll be good for days in the 32-50 degree range when it’s raining, the type of weather that I wrote about before that I absolutely hate to run in. Even though this jacket was suppose to be made for running it kind of rides up in the neck area and chokes you if you have it fully zipped. Something that is annoying and not sure I would take on long runs, but its good for a quick run. Winter is never a high mileage time for me so I think I’m going to relax and enjoy the holidays as they are just around the corner.


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