Austin’s 5 mile turkey trot.

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Racing

The Thanksgiving holidays came and went pretty fast. I managed to keep my mileage up at a normal level the whole time. I believe I ran for about a week and a half before taking a day off. Although I didn’t go more than 3 miles during that time, but I was consistent nevertheless.

On thanksgiving day my wife ran the Austin 5 mile turkey trot race. Before the race I was anxious to run it, but after looking at the crowd I completely changed my mind. Now I’m actually glad I didn’t run in the race. About 17,000 people ran it and for the untimed runners it took them about 10 minutes to get to the starting line. My wife did very good. She said she only walked about a mile and ran the whole time.

Since I didn’t run I got to see the first batch of runners cross the finish line. Due to poor planning the walkers for the 1 mile run were crossing the finish line the same time as the sprinters. This meant the sprinters were literally dodging walkers and colliding with them. Another poor aspect is that the course wasn’t marked properly so the first runners took a turn too soon and everyone ended up running only 4.5 miles. I wouldn’t recommend this race if you wanted to run fast and also hate crowds. Other than that, it isn’t too bad. At least the food was good.


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