Simple solution

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Gear

I hate headphones because I’m never comfortable with something in my ears while exercising. That’s mainly the reason I rarely listen to anything on a run as I discussed before. Well by accident I think I found a simple solution to my headphone dilemma. Just the other day I had my phone in hand listening to a podcast on speaker and I needed to hands to switch laundry. That’s when I placed my phone on top of my head and put my beanie hat on top of it. After I was done I thought this is pretty secure and I can hear my phone fine since it’s only inches from my ears. That got me thinking, why not crank up the volume and go for a run. So I did.

I have to say it’s pretty awesome. The phone didn’t move, I could hear everything perfect and the best part of it all you couldn’t tell I had a phone on top of my head when other runners passed by. The only time I had a problem was when the wind was over 10 mph it became hard to hear. That’s usually only a issue in the mornings, at night the wind normally dies down a lot.

For people that I pass I imagine it sounds like I’m talking to someone on speaker phone since I listen to podcasts. I wouldn’t recommend this technique if you’re on a crowded trail, but if it’s winter time and you’re on a trail with no one on it, then it’s the way to go.


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