Trail runs.

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Running

I did another trail run in the hills west of Austin yesterday. This time I used my running shoes from two years ago, which I hadn’t used for running in forever. I’m kind of glad I did because there are a ton of sharp rocks I went over and my Vibrams are too thin now to handle them in the condition they’re in.

Running the trails was a blast, particularly the wooded downhill stretches. Only problem about this area I was in is that the trees are so thick my gps on the phone kept cutting out. I had to guesstimate how far I ran.

It’s deer season and I literally ran into a bunch of them. Around a curve in the middle of the trail I came within six feet of one. The thing wouldn’t move so I had to pick up a stick and bang a tree for a bit for it to finally move. In the wooded pic below is a pic of the deer as it slowly walked away.

The other pic is a viewing platform I came across in the middle of nowhere. It’s about three miles from anything and you have to go through some techincal trails to get to it. It looks brand new. The view from it is pretty good because there is a lake big lake below.


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