Mountain bike trails are awesome.

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Running

Over the New Year break I had a chance to run in some mountain bike trails near Galveston. I was pretty impressed by how awesome and technical the trails were. Whoever designed it put a lot of effort and money into them because there were a ton of wooden ramps, jumps and hills put in to a very thick wooded area. My gps route that I took looked like a two year old scribbled onto a map when I was done.

On the run there was a trail with a sign called “Hell” that I ran on for about a mile. I thought it was pretty technical until I came across the trail marked “Hell 2”. Just after that I saw another one marked “No turning back” that I thought was pretty funny. At first my dog was hesitant to run on the small narrow wooden blanks built for bikes but he got the hang of it.

As you can see in the pictures the area is heavily wooded considering the pics were taken in the middle of winter. Also is a pic of my dog later that day. He was tired because he played with another dog all day and I took him on the trail run.


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