Winter run

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Gear, Running

Just got back from a late night winter run. It was my first run with shoes without being on a trail in months. I decided it was too cold for vibrams so I figured why not. It made me realize how much I hate socks and having to stop to retie my laces.

In other news I’m about to retire my vibram sprints. They have a little over 900 miles on them. I got a new hole on the top of one shoe from stubbing my toe the other day and the padding in the forefoot area is practically gone. The hole I patched with the shoe goo however is holding up great (see pic below).

Right now I’m considering getting the bilkas vibrams. I do about a even amount of dirt and asphalt so I think they will work the best. Ideally I would like to get a trail shoe too, like some New balance mt101s. But I don’t have that much cash on hand and I don’t run the trails as much as I would like to.


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