Americans Drawn for UTMB

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Racing has a short list of  Americans that has signed up for the UTMB 100 mile race in France. UTMB is short for Ultra-Trail du-Mont-Blanc. That’s not to be confused with the UTMB hospital in Galveston where so many friends and family of mine work at.

What’s amazing about this list of people is that this is the cream of the crop, the fastest athletes in America that race at more that 26 miles in length. Just about every runner on the list has won a 50 mile or 100 mile race. On top of that the race itself has become the most prestigious distance race in Europe. The competition there is going to just as competitive as the Americans showing up. What this means is that this is going to be a truly olympic style event. The winner of this race can pretty much call themselves the fast runner in the world at a 100 miles.

Marathons in America can get pretty big with huge crowds. The Boston marathon for example draws a ton of people to the streets. However from what I hear this pales in comparison to this race. People line the streets and the mountains themselves to come out to see people run themselves to exhaustion.

via Americans Drawn for UTMB.


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