Carbs and high mileage.

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Nutrition

I had a great week of running this week. This was execptional due to the fact that one of my kids was sick and I had to stay at home with them a few days, which always throws my schedule off completly. However I just got back from a run where I tweaked my calve somehow. I believe it’s from a combination of high mileage and a fast 3 miler I sprinted yesterday that included negative splits. I’m going to have to take it real slow this week.

For the past 3 weeks I’ve also decided to change up my diet a bit. I now get my carbs mainly through vegtables. This means I’ve cut off bread and pasta in addition to dairy. I lost around 7 pounds pretty quick with the same amount of exercise/sleep. I had around 15% body fat and now I’m at 12% (I was measured on one of those fancy electric scales). My goal wasn’t to lose weight but rather to see if my energy levels would change.

My conclusion is that my energy hasn’t increased at all but my speed has. Perhaps it’s because I weigh less. However I have not gone on a run longer than 15 miles so there is no telling if I’ll bonk at high mileage easily. I’m still testing out what foods work for me. For now I’m going to stick to vegtables until I feel problems arise with higher mileage. Then I’ll included different types of carbs.


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