Injuries suck.

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Injuries

My running has gone to a complete halt. For the first time in forever I think I got a severe shin splint. That last time I had one was probably about 15 years ago playing basketball and it was very mild compared to this. I know I never had one running.

The only way I think I got it was from sprinting a very fast 5k on pavement after a high mileage week. It was suppose to be my day off after a 45mpw, but for some reason I wanted to run fast. The next day I took off, but ever since I’ve had pain running on my right leg.

This injury is a classic case of not getting enough rest when you need to. There’s been times this week I’ve been bummed out, but for the most part of been taking it as a vacation. At the same time I’ve reminded myself that winter is really the offseason for running.

What is odd is that I lost 5 pounds this past week and I dramaticly reduced my mileage. I believe the reason is that my appetite is not as big. If my leg doesn’t get better in a week I’m going to start strength training and gain a lot more muscle. We will see how that goes.


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