Lack of appetite.

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Nutrition

This is just not my week for exercise. As far as I can tell I just got over my first shin splint, but only to come down with another head cold. On top of that Texas is having it’s coldest weather in years. Even if I could go running it would be kind of miserable. The coldest weather I ran in was 16 degrees with no wind. Last night I took the dog for a walk when it was 22 degrees, but the windchill factor was 7 degrees. Pretty miserable.

Now that I’m not running I’ve been losing a considerable amount of weight. I believe this is really due to my loss of appetite plus my loss of appetite being sick. I don’t need to lose any weight right now and I don’t have a desire to. My body fat percentage is pretty good as it is. Right now my energy levels are very low. As soon as I get over this cold I’m going to start a strength training program and to pack on a few more pounds.


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