I’m back.

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Running, Training

It’s been one heck of a winter for me. I received a severe shin splint only to get sick with what I thought was the flu. Turned out to be bronchitis. I’m glad I went to the doctor early and got prescribed some antibiotics quickly to knock most of it out. I still have some lingering effects but I’m fine again. All of this added to the very rare artic blast Texas got recently left me without a daily running routine for over two weeks. As a result my weight has significantly dropped. I normally weigh 150-155, it often varies on how much I run, but now I’m down to 143. I hadn’t been this thin since I was a junior in High school. That’s over 12 years ago.

Since my high mileage has gone to crap and racing season is over I figure I’m going to get on a weight training program to put back on some weight. My goal is just to get as big as possible in a month without adding a lot of fat. After that I’ll take the weight off again by running. So my running is going to be put on hiatus for now. Instead I’ll update with my weight gain results and body fat percentage. My fat percentage is 12% right now so I’ll be super impressed if I can keep it that low.


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