The Best Advice

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Running

You always have to think to yourself if the running advice you’re getting is coming from a credible source. I think this to myself when I follow a lot of  running blogs as well as runners and coaches on Twitter.

When I started my mileage up two years ago I decided to add running blogs to my google reader and follow a lot of elite runners through twitter. In doing so I wanted to find the fastest runners in different areas. From ultra runners, marathoners to track runners. So being a miler in high school I decided to first find the guys who recorded the fastest mile times ever in Texas high school. So from the Texas UIL site I would then google each runners name to find more about them and see if they had a blog to follow.

Well it turns out the person with the fastest mile time in Texas, Steve Magness, just happened to have a blog and also graduated just a few years after I did. Lets just say I’m glad I never had to compete with him at state. What’s unique about him was not really what he did in high school, but what he did after high school.  He continued to learn more about running in a scientific way. After running in college and graduating with a master’s degree in science he took on coaching. Ever since he’s been writing impressive articles from a scientific view, citing peer academic papers then applying them practically using his running experience.

Just recently Steve has been hired on assistant coach to Alberto Salazar. Alberto is basically the equivalent of Michael Jordan in the running world. He is described as one of the best marathoners of all time and is currently THE top elite coach in the US right now. Let’s just say I’m pretty impressed and amazed after following Steve for years to be taking on such an awesome job.


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