First week of weight gain.

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Training

It’s been 7 days and my weight gain so far is about 6 pounds and that’s from only one workout.  I’m now 149, up from 143. I don’t know my fat percentage, but as far as I know it doesn’t feel that much more than what I started out with. It’s hard to get a good weight reading because as soon as I wake up every morning I drink a protein shake then when weigh myself afterwords so I usually have a bit of water weight added on. At times I’ve been up ten pounds but that’s from massive amounts of water and milk.

My lowest daily calorie amount was somewhere around the 3,500 mark. I’ve been fairly consistent on getting right around 4,000 calories and most of it is from massive amounts of protein. The only supplement I’m taking is Whey Protein mixed with milk in the form of a shake twice a day. The first few days I ate a bunch of crap calories/sugar by eating a lot of cookies. My wife got a lot of sweets for her birthday and I single handily took to the task of getting rid of them in the house. Now most of my fat comes from almonds and avocados along with 2% milk.

So far I love the progress because I can see it. The soreness has lasted for days but that is not the hard part. It is constantly having to eat and finding the time to prepare or cook your food that’s hard. After a month is up I’m going to look forward to shedding some fat and getting back on a running program.


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