2nd week of weight gain

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Training

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve started my weight gain goal and now I’m up 13 pounds. Thats almost a pound a day. I knew I’d gain weight but just not as fast as this. I feel like I should be on some type of commercial pimping out a supplement or gym equipment. Ironically I’m not taking any supplements besides protein powder and the only equipment I own is two 25 pound dumbells.

The hardest part so far is getting use to the bloated feeling that comes with drinking so much milk and water. In between meals I get in around 4 cups of milk. Plus at night and in the morning I drink a protein shake made with milk.

The eating part isn’t so bad but it’s the preparation part that gets old. A normal meal doesn’t take that long to make but when you double your portion size it does.

I’m half way done and so far above any expectations I had for myself. After the next two weeks is up I’m going to incorporte some running very gradually and focus on fat loss but still continue the weight training.


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