Fourth week of weight gain.

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Training

It’s my last week and I’m up 21 pounds. I gave myself 4 weeks to get as big as possible without getting a huge gut and I think I manged to do well. Today was my last workout and my last day to eat a ton. I’m now looking forward to eating a normal size portion meal and using the restroom less frequently.

Overall I added a good 16 pounds of muscle but but in the process my body fat went up 1%. I expected this because I knew I was getting a little fat around the waist due to the amount of milk I was drinking. Now my goal is to get a lot more defined and focus on more frequent light workouts and a lot more cardio.

I would post a before and after picture but my wife said no because in her words the awesomeness of the pics would explode Internet servers everywhere and the end result would bring the Internet as we know it to its knees. Although I will post the scale before and after pics. You just have to trust me that I don’t own a 21 pound dumbbell when I stood on the scale.


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