Gearing up

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Running

I stopped my weight gain three days ago and I feel normal again. The experiment was fun, but it feels great just eating normal again. I slipped down about five pounds since in those three days and stopped counting calories. I think I gained a solid 12 pounds of muscle and have just a few pounds of fat if any.

I started running again very slowly and also Incorporated longer walks on my days off. I know the feeling of starting a running schedule since I’ve had many injuries before, but this time it is a lot harder. I don’t have anywhere near as much stamina that I had before I quit. Coming off a injury you still have that same energy as you always had, but with extra weight it really takes a lot of extra effort to do what was once considered easy.

As for now my plan is to workout in my off days and take it easy on my running days. I’ll also take the weekends completely off until summer comes near and I up my training schedule then.


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