Finally feeling good.

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Training

I’m back to running consistently. I finally got in a decent run where I built up a good sweat. Looking back it’s been a good two months since the last time I ran far. It takes me a while for my feet to get used to the transition of running further distances. If I push it too much I easily injure my feet.

I’ve been working out twice a week now and instead of heavy weight and less sets I’m doing a lot of repetitions and more sets. I’ve only lost 5 pounds from my weight gain and all of those pounds were fat. I’m hoping the added muscle I have will increase my speed. My new goal is to have a fast 5k time this year. For now I’m going to just increase my mileage until a few weeks before a 5k race and from there I’ll actually start planning out my runs.


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