New Vibrams

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Gear

I finally bought a new pair of running shoes. My Vibram Sprints have somewhere around 1,200 miles on them and the padding in the forefoot area is almost nonexistent. I think I patched my last hole a least for a while.

I decided to go with the Vibram Bilkas because it’s the one most suited for pavement and gravel which is what I run on the most. Plus the top of my feet now have protection. There has been too many times when small pebbles would get in my shoe causing many problems.

Right off the bat I can tell there is more protection in the Bilkas than other Vibrams. It feels more like a normal shoe and kind of but not really looks like a normal shoe. The Bilkas I got has laces up top. The normal kind were too hard for me to get on even though they were slighty more comfortable. The one drawback to the shoe is that it isn’t as flexible as my last pair. With the Sprints I could literally bend them when I curled my toes. They still have a lot of road feel in them though plus they are twice as reflective. All in all the shoe is a major improvement and the material all around seems like it should last even longer than what I put on my last pair.


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