Trapped in a cage.

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Injuries

I read another blogger saying being a injured runner is like being a lion locked in a cage. That’s is kind of how I feel like now. I’m in perfect health and I have the ability to run a 4 minute mile easily, yet I’m barely jogging up to a mile to prevent a reoccurring injury. My leg feels great so far. From doing a lot of research it seems like the best approach to prevent stress fractures is to run periodically, take it slow, include strength resistance and have adequate amounts of vitamin D for stronger bones. So far I’ve done all of them. The hardest one is taking things slow. I feel great every time I run to the point that I just want to be out there longer. Like all things depriving yourself from something will make you appreciate it more when you do get it. So now I’ll be way more appreciative of being able to run longer distances.


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