Progress 2

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Running, Training

I’m amazed at my recovery and my ability to maintain strict consistency. This means I stuck with my running schedule over the holidays without a problem. My routine lately is three days a week. Monday is usually a speed day, Wednesday is just take it easy and Friday is a long day at whatever pace. The best part of this schedule is that I can feel the results and running has become easier.

Today I’m recovering from a long day. It’s rare that my legs or sore from a long run but I ended up running a four mile with negative splits. To me I think that’s incredible. I had no intention to run fast but I just felt better as my run progressed and ended up running almost a minute faster ever mile. 8:30 mile one, 8:00 mile two, 7:15 mile three and 6:20 mile four. This is with a dog that stopped to pee a few times and with a couple of stops due to traffic crossings.


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