Too much volume

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve learned now not to pay too much attention to your miles per week. Instead I’m now focusing on getting really, really good quality runs in a week. In the past I did a lot of junk mileage just so I can look back on my stats to feel good about myself because I had a good MPW average for the past week. Now I just go out without a plan and tell myself either go out easy, hard or not at all (rest).

After my slight ankle sprain I’m building up my base again for some long runs. Now that I have a flexible work schedule and a wife who runs the dog more often, I’m going to do more solo runs. I’ve been at the point where I’m so used to running with a dog that when I do run by myself I have trouble with pacing. I go out way too fast. This is something I’m starting to work on because it will become problematic for long runs.


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