Posted: November 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

My running has been smooth this winter. I am at the point now I can run up to 10 miles at a moments notice. This whole time since my last update I’ve stuck almost exclusively to trails. For runs less than three miles I’ll take my vibrams, but the majority of my runs are done with my New Balance trail shoes. 

The beauty of winter is my dog can run longer/faster. I’ve discovered the best trails in South Austin are mountain bike trails. This means my dog runs in front of me because since the trails tend to be narrower. In the summer time this would be bad because he would drag behind me slowly, but not so in the winter.

This winter I’ve also transitioned to running with a water bottle handheld that holds just a little bit of storage. Besides holding my phone, the best part of the handheld is that I’m able to carry a small pocketknife where a ID tag goes. I know pepper spray is better against dogs but I feel that a knife has more uses on the trails. Ideally I would like to carry a survival knife, but I just hadn’t found one I like. 

My next running goal is to just help my wife run her first half marathon. I plan on pacing a few 8 milers on the road with her. As much as I hate running on roads, I think the slow pace will help me with longer runs.


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