The Off-Season

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Running

I consider the Holidays my off-season. I run through the Holidays, just not as far as I do in the summer. Ideally it’s better for me to run further in the winter simply because of the heat. Hydration isn’t much of a issue and my training partner, aka dog, can run further as well. However that not the case right now. My running has turned into hiking.

Hiking to me gives me the same rewards mentally as running, it just takes twice as long. It’s a great source of meditation. If you can set your mind at ease over the fact that walking takes a long time, then you can finally reap the awards that it brings. Physically is almost the perfect exercise. Your joints and muscles have no problem walking and it’s something that you can do well into old age.

Even though I’m in good physical shape with no injuries, I’m taking a break from running so I can recharge, not get burned out and renew my love for it. I’ve always felt people do not have the ability to go all out physically in any given exercise year round without repercussions. This article from Irunfar pretty much sums up my thoughts on it:

via Ultrarunning Off-Season Considerations: Time Off & the Return to Training.


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