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Little setback.

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Injuries

I was on a 27 week streak of running injury free until my ankle got sore. I would run through it but it’s sore in a pinpoint spot so I have taken running off completely in fear of getting a stress fracture again. I’ve been tempted to run through the pain like I have in the past but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to injuries. All I can do now is rest and eat right.

Like most injuries I’ve learned from my mistakes. This time it I believe it was from not recovery long enough from a slight ankle sprain which I got from hiking with the wife. I thought I was fine but I went ahead and did a speed workout followed by a long run on pavement because the trail I normally run on was flooded. So to sum it up I believe the source comes from a mixture of a mild sprain, lack of recovery, pavement run and also it wouldn’t hurt if I got new shoes. Oh well. You live and learn.



Posted: October 4, 2011 in Injuries

I’m running about two days a week now, still going at it slow. It’s progress, slow progress but progress nevertheless. It might be too soon to call it but I’m pretty sure my fracture is healed. Only thing that is bothering me now is the band on the bottom of my left foot is sore.

I’m not even thinking about speed at this point. I’m just focusing on running about 10 percent more than the week before. I started out running .20 miles a run so right now I’m only running a half mile every time. Only upside to that is it doesn’t take long for a run and I have more time in the mornings.

Trapped in a cage.

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Injuries

I read another blogger saying being a injured runner is like being a lion locked in a cage. That’s is kind of how I feel like now. I’m in perfect health and I have the ability to run a 4 minute mile easily, yet I’m barely jogging up to a mile to prevent a reoccurring injury. My leg feels great so far. From doing a lot of research it seems like the best approach to prevent stress fractures is to run periodically, take it slow, include strength resistance and have adequate amounts of vitamin D for stronger bones. So far I’ve done all of them. The hardest one is taking things slow. I feel great every time I run to the point that I just want to be out there longer. Like all things depriving yourself from something will make you appreciate it more when you do get it. So now I’ll be way more appreciative of being able to run longer distances.

Small Progress

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Injuries

I have no clue if the two weeks of rest I had will help with my stress fracture. I’m running only three days a week and my mileage is next to nothing. I went for my longest run of the week today so I’ll find out tomorrow if my leg will be sore again. If it is then I’ll have to take off even longer. If it’s not then I’m going to do the exact same mileage again for next week and bump it up only slightly the next. *fingers crossed*

Just run.

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Injuries

My shin splint that I had for a while seems to be going away. For the longest time the pain was there when I went out on slow runs even after I took a couple of days off. After looking into possible causes for shin splints I decided to lay off leg exercises for a bit and also just flat out run faster. Well it worked. I increased my pace a whole lot and layed off doing any lunges or calf raises. Now I can focus on getting my daily mileage back up before I start on a program.

Shin splints

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Injuries

I’m still having a few issues with my weight gain, one of which is shin splints. I took the most logical approach and that is rest. My weekly mileage is shot to hell but I would rather have that then a serious injury. I’ve had too many small injuries in the past that knock you out in a while so I now always prefer the better safe than sorry approach to exercise. The splint doesn’t hurt entirely, just enough to know that I have a slight pain there. I know I could run on it daily but I would suffer a few problems if I did.

Injuries suck.

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Injuries

My running has gone to a complete halt. For the first time in forever I think I got a severe shin splint. That last time I had one was probably about 15 years ago playing basketball and it was very mild compared to this. I know I never had one running.

The only way I think I got it was from sprinting a very fast 5k on pavement after a high mileage week. It was suppose to be my day off after a 45mpw, but for some reason I wanted to run fast. The next day I took off, but ever since I’ve had pain running on my right leg.

This injury is a classic case of not getting enough rest when you need to. There’s been times this week I’ve been bummed out, but for the most part of been taking it as a vacation. At the same time I’ve reminded myself that winter is really the offseason for running.

What is odd is that I lost 5 pounds this past week and I dramaticly reduced my mileage. I believe the reason is that my appetite is not as big. If my leg doesn’t get better in a week I’m going to start strength training and gain a lot more muscle. We will see how that goes.