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Posted: November 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

My running has been smooth this winter. I am at the point now I can run up to 10 miles at a moments notice. This whole time since my last update I’ve stuck almost exclusively to trails. For runs less than three miles I’ll take my vibrams, but the majority of my runs are done with my New Balance trail shoes. 

The beauty of winter is my dog can run longer/faster. I’ve discovered the best trails in South Austin are mountain bike trails. This means my dog runs in front of me because since the trails tend to be narrower. In the summer time this would be bad because he would drag behind me slowly, but not so in the winter.

This winter I’ve also transitioned to running with a water bottle handheld that holds just a little bit of storage. Besides holding my phone, the best part of the handheld is that I’m able to carry a small pocketknife where a ID tag goes. I know pepper spray is better against dogs but I feel that a knife has more uses on the trails. Ideally I would like to carry a survival knife, but I just hadn’t found one I like. 

My next running goal is to just help my wife run her first half marathon. I plan on pacing a few 8 milers on the road with her. As much as I hate running on roads, I think the slow pace will help me with longer runs.


Beach runs.

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

I assumed I would have no problems running on the beach barefoot. After all there is probably no better natural soft surface other than soft sand. However I found out quickly after a hour of running close to the water that you can have big trouble with blisters.

Imagine your hands after swimming for an hour, they get all pruned up. Well the same goes for your feet and with the added pressure they create blisters. Blisters at this point are just a small annoyance to me since I’m somewhat used to them. I’m usually back in action in a day or so.

New shoes.

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s been long overdue. After trying a few trail shoes on I’ve decided to go with the New Balance 110. It’s light, has a nice drop, good tread and the rock plate really helps out a lot.

It took a few miles to break them in to where they are comfortable to me. It’s a way narrow shoe than what I’m used to. At first I loosened my laces on my first run, only to get a blister later. Now I have no problem after tightening them and breaking them in. I’m going to stick with these for my long runs and technical trails and use my vibrams for runs less than 4 miles. All around it’s a pretty awesome shoe for trails.

The story of Micah True

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Born to Run is currently getting made into a movie and the one thing I hope for is that it will incorporate somehow the death of Micah True. It’ll somehow bring everything full circle.

Too much volume

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve learned now not to pay too much attention to your miles per week. Instead I’m now focusing on getting really, really good quality runs in a week. In the past I did a lot of junk mileage just so I can look back on my stats to feel good about myself because I had a good MPW average for the past week. Now I just go out without a plan and tell myself either go out easy, hard or not at all (rest).

After my slight ankle sprain I’m building up my base again for some long runs. Now that I have a flexible work schedule and a wife who runs the dog more often, I’m going to do more solo runs. I’ve been at the point where I’m so used to running with a dog that when I do run by myself I have trouble with pacing. I go out way too fast. This is something I’m starting to work on because it will become problematic for long runs.

One month down one to go.

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve done anything faster than a walk. I’ve seen no reason to write anything here simply because I haven’t done anything. I have at least four weeks till I can get back into a slow jog. The average time to heal from a stress fracture in the leg is about 8 to 10 weeks so I plan to go the full 10 weeks. The only thing I can do now is get plenty of calcium and vitamin D in my body.

Occasionally I’ll read other runners go through the depression of an injury. Not until now I can now relate to them. You go through the same emotions/stages as you do with death. It’s shock, denial, anger, frustration, depression and acceptance. I’ve gone through all of them and now just accepted the fact that this has happened and moved on. I’ve also grasped the concept that you can’t be defined by something in particular. There are just too many things in life to do. However that does not mean you abandon all hope and give up. I look at this as a complete refresh on my way of life and look forward to the days of going through the trails with my dog.

Is leading a race stupid?

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

This doesn’t exactly confirm what most racers are told not to do, but it does suggest that leading a race early is stupid. There is a reason “rabbits” are in races just to push the pace early, then drop off later. I imagine this is a important independent variable not included.

via Is leading a race stupid? Some 1500m championship data.