Posted: February 16, 2012 in Running, Training

My running has gone along very smoothly lately. For the past 26 weeks I’ve added simply a mile to my MPW. I’ve done this in part because I forgot that after 10 miles the no more than %10 per week thing is more than a mile. So after a very consistent 2 months I got some good base mileage and I’m ready to log a lot more MPW. Now that I’m running more consistently over a hour I have to practice eating on the run. Something I don’t like to do because I hate carrying things on runs.


Progress 2

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Running, Training

I’m amazed at my recovery and my ability to maintain strict consistency. This means I stuck with my running schedule over the holidays without a problem. My routine lately is three days a week. Monday is usually a speed day, Wednesday is just take it easy and Friday is a long day at whatever pace. The best part of this schedule is that I can feel the results and running has become easier.

Today I’m recovering from a long day. It’s rare that my legs or sore from a long run but I ended up running a four mile with negative splits. To me I think that’s incredible. I had no intention to run fast but I just felt better as my run progressed and ended up running almost a minute faster ever mile. 8:30 mile one, 8:00 mile two, 7:15 mile three and 6:20 mile four. This is with a dog that stopped to pee a few times and with a couple of stops due to traffic crossings.


Posted: December 20, 2011 in Running

I’ve taken the best approach to getting back into running shape and that is to take it slow. I started off with literally jogging .10 miles twice a week. That’s basically the equivalent of going to the mailbox. After 6 weeks I then started running three times a week. Now I’m finally at the point where I can run a quick 5k. This has been my mileage for the last 16 weeks. Notice how it’s almost a perfect ramp. I’ve been pretty good about not going more than 10% each week.

Back to 100%

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Running

It’s been about 10 months since I went on a decent run with no injuries. My downfall started with sever bronchitis, followed by a one month stint to get big because of illness, and finally months to get over a stress fracture that was a result of weight-gain/starting up too fast. Basically one thing that lead to another.

Now I’m back and it feels really good. Being inactive for so many months has changed my outlook on things. I can now appreciate being healthy, I know the importance of starting things slowly, and I now enjoy walks more because that is all I could really do during this time.

From now on the most important long term goal I have is to simply stay healthy.


Posted: October 4, 2011 in Injuries

I’m running about two days a week now, still going at it slow. It’s progress, slow progress but progress nevertheless. It might be too soon to call it but I’m pretty sure my fracture is healed. Only thing that is bothering me now is the band on the bottom of my left foot is sore.

I’m not even thinking about speed at this point. I’m just focusing on running about 10 percent more than the week before. I started out running .20 miles a run so right now I’m only running a half mile every time. Only upside to that is it doesn’t take long for a run and I have more time in the mornings.

How I get the runner’s high.

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Running

To my surprise after doing a ton of Google-fu on the internet there are not many articles that say how to get a runner’s high other than running for at least 30 minutes. Some articles tell you tempo running is the best and others say run for about 40 minutes and you feel euphoric as you run.

Well speaking from my experience of running daily for 15 years it takes more than that. I never really feel euphoric or high during a run. I can sometimes get into the “zone” where you simply forget your doing some type of running motion and your brain simply stops focusing on the physical aspects of a run. This could be so called “runner’s high” people describe, but for me it’s not. I don’t feel euphoric, high, or reach a state of altered enlightenment while I run. It’s after the run.

There has been times where I swear to you I feel like I am completely high off marijuana after a run. It has come to me several times but only once I’ve completed a run under these circumstances:

1. I break a good sweat, at least five minutes or so. Mileage doesn’t matter.
2. I’m rested, not moving around at all after a run.
3. I have to be completely cooled off, then take a shower.
4. A slightly cold shower.
5. Sip on anything cold, particularly a non-carbonated drink.

The high can only be described as a marijuana high and it lasts for about 30-45 minutes sometimes a hour or more. When I say I feel high I mean straight up high. There have been several studies shown that endorphin’s are actually released into your brain and you’re brains receptors receive the response just as it was marijuana after a good run. So the science is there, but understanding what triggers the high besides just running isn’t.

So that is how I get a runner’s high. In short it’s breaking a really good sweat, cooling yourself off and keeping yourself cool while resting. If I run before work I’ll go through these steps and then sip on some green tea with the AC blasting in the car and I’m high to the gills the whole time I’m driving. The running part for me is not as important as what you do afterwords to achieve that high.

UTMB Video

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Running

I would love to run over some mountains like this in Europe. If I ever did I would probably forget to look down half the time because I would stare at the landscape so much. This video just shows you how amazing it is just to complete this race.

So far my own running progress has been good. I’ve gone on four runs spaced out and no injuries what so ever (simply because I’m not running far at all). I’m going to make a running calendar for myself so I’ll stay on track and not over train on any particular day.