Third week of weight gain.

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Training

My third week is up and I’m now up 18 pounds. At the beginning of the week I felt like I hit some kind of plateau. About four days went by and my weight was the same. That was when I decided to up my milk intake. Now I drink just shy of a gallon a day. Within a few days I started gradually gaining weight. However I now have the bloated/hydrated feeling all day. It’s only in the morning that I can get a good idea of what my weight is and also what my body looks normal at.

Overall I can see some changes in the past three weeks, but it’s hard to tell since you see yourself everyday. The one change that I can feel is my waist line. All my clothes fit, but I think I might have moved up one waist size. Strength wise, without a doubt, I’m much stronger. Post workout I’m not as sore and the number of repetitions I do is certainly more.

I decided to jog just once a day now and for less than a mile. My pace is extremely slow from what I was at before I stopped running regularly. My biggest worry is that I might develop plantar fasciitis again because of my weight gain. So after one more week of eating/working out I’m going to start running again as if I was running for the first time.

Here is an example of what I have for breakfast: 6 eggs (4 white, 2 whole) mixed with salsa, toast (wheat bread), half a cup of black beans, sugar free instant oatmeal, two cups of milk and a protein shake. It’s somewhere around 1,200 calories and a lot of protein. Also here is a pic of a week’s worth of milk I go through, bought in bulk at Costco.


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